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Sony slashes the price of the PS2 to $129

The world's most popular gaming console, the PS2, is more affordable than ever


New Smaller Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)

New Smaller Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Sony Computer Entertainment America
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc has announced that it has slashed the price of its PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system throughout North America. Effective immediately, consumers can purchase the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system for a suggested retail price (MSRP) of $129.99/$139.99 CND. The company expects this latest price move to fuel consumer demand even further, in light of the upcoming PS3.

PlayStation 2 is the most popular gaming platform in North America, Europe/PAL territories and Japan/Asia. The PS2 is, literally, the most popular videogame console on the planet. To date, more than 101 million PlayStation 2 units and approximately one billion pieces of software for the PlayStation 2 have shipped worldwide. According to The NPD Group, an independent company that tracks videogame sales, the PlayStation 2 continues to lead console unit market share with 55.6 percent in the U.S., more than double of any other console on the market to date. PlayStation 2 also leads on the software front with nearly a 70 percent lead over any other competitor when it comes to software titles available.

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