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PlayGear Pocket - PSP hard shell case

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PlayGear Pocket

PlayGear Pocket

The Bottom Line

I must admit, I was a skeptic, but after a couple of days with the PlayGear Pocket, I am convinced this will be my case for my PSP.
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  • Solid fit, offers great protection for your PSP
  • Lid can act as a stand for watching UMD movies
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports
  • You can play they PSP while in the case


  • No storage for headphones or UMD discs
  • Must remove PSP to change games


  • Clear polycarbonate case should keep your PSP safe and sound.
  • The PlayGear Pocket's dual hinged lid acts as a movie viewing stand and a sun visor.
  • The case is designed to allow you to play the PSP while in it, and provides access to all the ports.
  • There is no access to the UMD or memory card slots while the PSP is in the case.

Guide Review - PlayGear Pocket - PSP hard shell case

The PlayGear Pocket is Logitech's first PSP accessory, and, all in all, it's a pretty good one.

The PlayGear Pocket is a high-impact polycarbonate (meaning really tough) rigid case for the PSP. It not only holds your PSP, but it can act as a viewing stand (I used it to watch Spiderman 2) and you can play games while the PSP is in the case.

The case leaves all four corners open, so that you can access the shoulder buttons, as well as the power and headphone inputs. This works out great when using the PSP in the case, but I wouldn't have minded if there was a way to close these holes when the case is closed. Currently they leave the corners exposed to dust and the like when the case is closed.

The PlayGear Pocket does add weight to the PSP when playing, but I didn't mind it after a bit, and enjoyed being able to use the lid as a sun visor. The only thing missing is storage. I would gladly sacrifice another half inch if there was a place to put my UMD games. With the PlayGear I can toss my PSP in my backpack, but I need a separate case for games. It would be nice if Logitech came out with a matching case for the PSP ear-buds and discs.

The PlayGear Pocket is a vastly superior case to the one that comes with the PSP, and despite some minor flaws, is a solid choice for a hard PSP case.

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