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Logitech Cordless Precision Review (PS3 Controller)

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Logitech Cordless Precision PS3 Controller

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The Bottom Line

Logitech's Cordless Action Controller for the PS2 is one of the finest controllers ever produced. I still use it as my default PS2 controller. When I found out that their PS3 controller, the Cordless Precision, was going to be based on the same design, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, like many 3rd party PS3 accessories, the Cordless Precision simply does not hold its own against Sony's originals. The Cordless Precision is every bit as comfortable as the Cordless Action, but it is missing too many features to save a mere $10.


  • The controllers body is perhaps one of the most comfortable controllers out there
  • The raised D-pad is a welcome improvement over the Sixaxis for fighting game fans
  • The two, included, AA batteries power the controller for 50+ hours
  • $10 cheaper than a Sixaxis controller


  • No rechargeable battery
  • Uses a USB receiver
  • Cannot be used to turn on the PS3 or used with system updates
  • L2 and R2 triggers are far too "tight"


  • Battery: The use of replaceable AA's gamers to use rechargeable or standard batteries, a big plus for the controller
  • Performance: The tight L2 and R2 triggers cancel any advantage the raised D-pad gave players
  • Compatibility: The USB receiver means that the Cordless Precisions plays well but can't perform many system functions
  • Comfort: If it weren't for those silly L2 and R2 buttons I'd say it was a far more comfortable controller than the Sixaxis
  • Value: While the Cordless Precision comes in at a cheaper price tag, it also delivers less functionality than the Sixaxis

Guide Review - Logitech Cordless Precision Review (PS3 Controller)

I must admit that I am a bit confused by Logitech's PS3 strategy. This is the company that delivered a controller that was actually better than Sony's PS2 Dual Shock, some of the finest PSP accessories out there, and the only console steering wheel worth having. One has to wonder who is in charge of their PS3 line. If the Cordless Precision is any indicator of things to come, we can expect mediocrity from a company that used to deliver excellence.

Don't get me wrong, Logitech's Cordless Precision controller for the PS3 works, and it has some high points, namely a superior D-pad and more comfortable grips than the Sixaxis, but it also has some pretty major flaws.

The obvious differences between the Cordless Precision and the Sixaxis are the use of AA batteries as opposed to a rechargeable battery, a USB receiver instead of using the build in blue tooth, a raised, instead of recessed, D-pad, no tilt functionality, and the inclusion of rumble (which no PS3 currently supports). While some reviewers have complained about the AA's, I see it as an advantage. I don't know how many drained Sixaxis controllers I've picked up, and the included cord is far too short to actually play with. The Cordless Precision outlasts the Sixaxis on the two easily replaceable AA's, and one can always opt to use rechargeable AA's if they prefer.

Unfortunately, the Cordless Precision suffers from both bad tech and design issues. The missing tilt control means the controller simply won't work with games like flOw, and the USB receiver can't be used to turn the PS3 on or used with system updates, so you'll have to keep at least one Sixaxis around. The extremely stiff L2 and R2 triggers can often lead to problems like not fully accelerating in racing games.

In the end the controller is really no better than the Sixaxis, and in many ways worse.

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