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PSP Gear Pouch & PSP Mini Gear Pouch

Time to toss the Sony soft case

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PSP Mini Gear Pouch

PSP Mini Gear Pouch

The WaterField PSP Gear Pouch and PSP Mini Gear Pouch are treats to own. They are rugged, stylish, and very well designed. Rather than purchase a bag from a computer accessory maker, you may be thrilled by a PSP bag from an active sports bag manufacturer. These Ballistic nylon bags come in a variety of colors and feature tons of pockets to store all your PSP gear in.

WaterField Delivers Quality PSP Bags

Both of the WaterField's PSP bags are tough impressive ways to tote around Sony's handheld. The company has a long history making rugged, sports minded, stylish bags. Their messenger bags are some of the best out there. WaterField's experience came through when they designed two of the best soft PSP cases on the market.

The PSP Gear Pouch and the PSP Mini Gear Pouch are both made of black, durable Ballistic nylon. The material feels tough, almost like the material used on motorcycle equipment. They also feature a vertical and horizontal loop at either end, for attaching to other bags or a climbing carabineer. Unfortunately neither comes with a strap.

Both bags come in a variety of colors. On the PSP Gear Pouch the side zipper is accessorised with whichever color you choose. On the PSP Mini Gear Pouch, the color is more pronounced, covering the bottom and ends of the bag.

PSP Gear Pouch, the big boy

PSP Gear Pouch

PSP Gear Pouch

The PSP Gear Pouch is by far my favorite of the two bags. At 9.75" x 5" x 2" and weighing in at 4 oz., the bag is large enough to carry my PSP, the power adaptor, memory sticks, all of my UMD movies and games and even fit the PSP in while in my Logitech PlayGear Pocket case . To me, this is ideal, a rugged soft-sided case containing my PSP in a hardshell case feels safe, very safe.

The case itself is very attractive and features a side pocket, perfect for throwing in non-PSP items like tickets, keys, or cash. Inside the case are two large pockets for the PSP and the AC adaptor, as well as three small pockets which fit UMD discs perfectly. I have placed 12 UMD discs in the pockets with room to spare.

The PSP Gear Pouch fits everything I ever want to take on the road with me and more. The bag is tough and stylish. It, in conjunction with my PlayGear hard case travel with me everywhere.

PSP Mini Gear Pouch, the little guy.

The PSP Mini Gear Pouch is every bit as tough and stylish as it's big brother. At 7.7" x 1.3" and weighing only 2 oz., this bag is petite enough to be thrown into your backpack or messenger bag and not take up too much space. It holds your PSP (though it's too small for a hardshell case), four to eight UMD discs and the earbuds.

While the construction and style of the bag are solid, it simply is too small. While it may be fine for bus travel, or trips back and forth from the office or school, the lack of space for the AC adaptor limits the functionality of the bag.

The bag may function very well for those of you who wish to travel light. But if I am just wanting to take my PSP, then I feel safer carrying it in a hardcase in my backpack. The PSP Mini Gear Pouch is a quality bag, but for $10 I'd go with the PSP Gear Pouch.

Makes cents

At $39 for the PSP Gear Pouch, and $29 for the mini, these are real steals for the quality bag you are getting. For those of you, like me, obsessed with keeping your PSP safe and clean, the PSP Gear Pouches are exactly what you are looking for.
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