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PMS Clan Shows Texas Girl Gamers Play Rough

World's Largest All-Female Videogame Clan Enters First Pro-Tournament


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PMS Clan, the world's largest community of girl gamers, launches their first official pro-tournament season this weekend at MLG Houston in Texas, USA.

Counting over 150 girls across the USA and Europe, PMS community has grown fast since its launch at the beginning of XBOX LIVE. With the addition of a large PS2 (PlayStation 2) team and brand new PC division in 2004, they are now the first and largest multi-platform female gaming clan.

PMS Clan (www.pmsclan.com) was born from the camaraderie of finding other girl gamers in a very male-dominated online gaming market and has now grown in to a passionate community, which is connecting people across the globe. Their mission is to provide a fun and positive environment to other female gamers, while maintaining competitiveness, fairness, and respect in online gaming.

No strangers to the tournament circuit, PMS Clan will be making Texan boys break out in sweat by entering four teams into the MLG (Major League Gaming) Houston event this weekend (12th & 13th March). This big turnout also launches their commitment to the pro-gaming tournament circuit.

"This year we expect to reach new heights in PMS. With the launch of our multi-platform girls, we expect to take the gaming circuits by storm in 2005." Commented Amber Dalton (known as Athena Twin PMS), one of the twin sisters who co-founded the PMS community).

Alongside the four PMS teams will be competing two teams from H20. The H20 Clan started as PMS supporters, and is usually tied to one, more, or all the PMS girls in a very strong bond. They not only support the clan, but also help promote, recruit, and strengthen the ties of the members. It is also highly competitive and consists of many of the top male gamers in the world.

This year PMS Clan will be appearing at a full schedule of tournaments and gaming related events across the US and Europe. Full details will be announced shortly.

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