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Guitar Hero World Tour Contest at the E for All Expo

Rock (virtually) Out for Cash and Prizes on Guitar Hero World Tour


Guitar Hero World Tour PS3 Box and Instruments (mic, guitar, drums) PS3

Guitar Hero World Tour PS3: Guitar, Mic, and Drums

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Having spent a little time with Guitar Hero World Tour already, they came by the University of Utah and set up shop for a day for us all to play, I can't stress enough how much fun the game was. Now you, or at least those of you willing to go to L.A., will not only get to experience the game for yourself, but win cash doing so.

Target is sponsoring the first-ever North American Guitar Hero World Tour challenge at this year’s Entertainment For All Expo (a.k.a. E for All) at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 3-5. The GHWT challenge will feature four-person teams rocking out to a list of the game's hit tracks, from the Beastie Boys to Modest Mouse, for the chance to win over $2000 in cash, Target GiftCards and merchandise. They were very generous with the Guitar Hero World Tour swag when they came by the University, so I imagine it's pretty easy to score GHWT keepsakes.

Mark Schindele, Senior vice-president of Target had the following to say about the event, "In the spirit of E For All, Target will be giving consumers an early look at Activision’s highly-anticipated Guitar Hero World Tour videogame before it hits store shelves on October 26. E for All is a great opportunity for us to connect with an audience who may not think about Target as the first place to buy their games."

E For All attendees who wish to showcase their Guitar Hero skills at the Target tournament and compete to be called the ultimate virtual rock star can enter by signing up on Friday or Saturday at the show and rocking out in the preliminary rounds with the goal of taking the stage in Sunday’s big final at 1 p.m. Winners and attendees alike can spend some of their hard-earned cash on a Nintendo Wii or popular games like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith at the on-site Target pop-up retail store.

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