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Get out and see the latest PlayStation and videogame hardware and games. Events and conventions are great places to meet other gamers and enjoy your hobby.

Round-up of Sony's/PlayStation's E3 2011 Highlights
From the press conference to the epic booth Sony was out for a little redemption at E3. It not only found it but it walked away with concrete evidence that it wanted please gamers more than Microsoft or Nintendo did. The Wii U was a show stealer, but PS Vita held it's own as Sony displayed great breadth at E3 20011. Read on for the highlights...

What to Expect From Sony's PlayStation Press Conference at E3 2011
Prior to all the security problems, PlayStation was on a roll. With E3 right around the corner what can we expect to see from Sony as they try to regain momentum for the PlayStation brand? I've got E3 coverage of what Sony should be showing off straight from the PlayStation rumor mill.

Sony E3 Keynote Press Conference Wrap-Up 2009
Big and bold, and slightly long, the Sony 2009 E3 Keynote Press Conference was not only a videogame spectacle, but showed that the company is still willing to innovate when it comes to the PlayStation brand. The PS3 is getting new accessories and new exclusives (FF XIV!!!) and the PSP is getting, well a new PSP in the form of the PSP Go. 2010 is going to be a very good year for the PlayStationites.

Guitar Hero World Tour Contest at the E for All Expo
Here's your big chance to travel to L.A. and prove you have what it takes to be the next big (virtual) rock star at the Guitar Hero World Tour Contest being held at the E for All Expo.

Video Games Live CD Review, Volume One
Having gone to the Video Games Live concert in Salt Lake City, I had mixed feelings about reviewing the CD. The concert was full of interesting music, but was disorganized thematically and was less about the music than it was about Tommy Tallarico pandering to a teenaged crowd. There was no denying the potential of the show, but it just missed the mark. Luckily the Video Games Live CD fared slightly better.

Rock Band Live Tour to Feature Panic at the Disco and Dashboard Confessional
Tickets go on-sale Friday, August 8th for Rock Band Live featuring Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T's, and The Cab. Live bands and a Rock Band tournament? Lalapalooza better watch its back.

Rock Band/Ray Ban Party at the Sundance Film Festival Photo Gallery
Harmonix and MTV teamed up with RayBan to host one of the Rockin-est parties at this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The Monkey Bar at Harry O's was packed to capacity every night as guests rocked out on Rock Band all night providing the entertainment karaoke style. In addition to finding out that individual PS3 instruments will soon be on sale, I was able to see the wireless Xb…

Rock Band and RayBan Throw Mega-bash at Sundance
Rock Band and RayBan threw one heck of a party at this year's Sundance Film Festival. In between Rock Band sets I got a chance to catch up with MTV and Harmonix reps who gave me the skinny on individual instruments for the PS3 and wireless guitars for the Xbox 360.

E3 2006 - Booth Babe Pix
Though tamer than year's past, the booth babes were out in full force at E3 this year. I took on the tough job of photographing the lovely ladies of gaming for your viewing pleasure. So feel free to guiltily gaze upon this gallery of E3 booth babes.

The elite girl gamer team, The Frag Dolls, seeks a new member
The Frag Dolls have proven at tournaments, and online, that they are more than an Ubisoft PR stunt. These grrrl gamers are elite, and have made tremendous progress in breaking female gamer stereo types. Now they need a new member. Could you be the next Frag Doll?

World Cyber Games and iGames: US Regionals and Qualification Positions
The World Cyber Games are your chance to show the legitimacy of your virtual sport, and possible earn some cash. Play against the world's best gamers as they attempt to prove who is an elite videogame and who is a noob.

"Dear Friends" - Music from Final Fantasy tours North America
Both the "Dear Friends" and "More Friends" concerts are rewarding experiences for music and videogame lovers alike. Due to popular demand, more Final Fantasy musical concerts have been scheduled.

All-Female PMS Clan Enters Their First Pro-Videogame Tournament
Girls got game, and the PMS Clan aims to prove it. This 150 person, all female, videogame clan is set to compete in their first major-league videogame tournament in Texas.

Final Fantasy "Dear Friends" Symphony Concert Tour
If you drag a date to one videogame related event, this should be it. "Dear Friends" is the second Final Fantasy concert tour. The music and the show are simply amazing. The Final Fantasy symphony concert is a perfect tool to show that gaming can be high-culture.

E3 Official Expo Site
E3 is the mecca of videogames. This convention draws thousands of visitors and hundreds of game development companies.

E3 Insider
So you didn't get into E3... it happens. But there's no reason to miss the madness, E3 insider has video and more from the videogame expo.

Tokyo Game Show
This show is the yin to E3's yang. It focuses on console gaming and is open to the general public. The Tokyo Game Show is videogame nirvana.

Tokyo Game Show - English
On the off chance that you don't read Japanese, here is the Tokyo Game Show's site in English.

World Cyber Games
So you think you're elite, well here's your chance to prove it and make money doing it. The World Cyber Games is the competition for professional gamers.

The Penny-Arcade Expo (PAX)
Penny-Arcade.com is a gut busting web comic about gaming. The guys who run it have put together a stand out expo that centers around gamers, and not around the industry.

Classic Gaming Expo
A large expo paying homage to the great people and videogames that made the industry what it is today.

Women's Game Conference
The Women's Game Conference focuses on women in the computer and video game industry. The conference program includes career paths for women in the industry, gender inclusive game design and women and girls as consumers of games.

Game Developers Conference (GDC)
The Game Developers Conference provides an independent forum for expert developers from around the world to share ideas, build skills, and learn about the latest tools and technologies.

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