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Top 10 First Person Shooters Games for the PC
First person shooters have ruled PC gaming for years and each year a new crop of games blows us away so if you're looking for a shooter that can't miss this is ...
Xbox 360 Shooter Games (Top Picks List) - Xbox Games - About.com
The showcase genre on the Xbox 360 is definitely the shooter genre. ... It isn't exactly a family friendly genre, however, as most of the games are rated "M" for ...
A Guide to Video Game Shooters - Tips and Tricks
A guide to mastering the basic techniques needed to shooter video games of all types.
Action and Shooters Video Games - PC Games - About.com
Browse the action shooter video game genre, we provide information, advice, reviews top picks and more on all your favorite action games.
Top 10 First Person Shooters From 2010 - PC Games - About.com
The First Person Shooter genre is arguably the most popular genre in PC gaming , with dozens of releases each year it's difficult to sift through all of them.
Top 20 World War 2 First Person Shooters - PC Games - About.com
Even with this being the case, World War 2 games are still very popular. The list of World War 2 first person shooters that follows includes both newer releases as  ...
Third Person Action/Adventure & Shooter Games for PC - PC Games
The Top Third Person Action/Adventure and Shooter games for the PC is a list of some of the best PC games played in the third person perspective.
5 Open Source First-Person Shooters - About.com
The FPS genre is not for everybody. First made commercially popular by the video games Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 and Doom in 1993, the basic FPS plot puts the ...
The Best iPad Shooters - PS, Third-Person and More - About iPad
It's all fun and games until someone gets shot in the face. Okay, for your standard iPad shooter, it's still fun and games when someone gets shot in the face.
Star Wars First Person Shooters PC Games List - About.com
Star Wars Dark Wars was also one of the first games to feature first person shooter game play elements such as run, jump and crouch as well as the ability to ...
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