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History of the Sega Genesis – Dawn of the 16-bit Era
... create an evolution into the video games of today. A console created from the rib (or at least tech) of its predecessor, the SEGA Genesis, a dawn of the 16-bit era.
3-D Gaming Origins – SegaScope 3D for the Sega Master System
In 1985, Sega entered the home console fray with the Mater System, competing head-to-head with the market dominating Nintendo Entertainment System.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sega Genesis Game Review
At the height of the console wars Sega took the battle in a whole new direction by releasing a game so popular that it would allow the Sega Genesis to become ...
Haunting starring Polterguy - Review - SEGA Genesis
Total bummer dude. Corporate stooge Vito Sardini is gaining his fortune by putting out substandard skateboards and, as you all know, you don't want your plank ...
R-Type – Retro Space Shooter Fires from Japan Arcades to the ...
Instead, North America and Europe got their first, and most popular, port of the space shooter on the Sega Master System, with the game quickly becoming one  ...
History of the Sonic The Hedgehog - Speeding Genesis To The Top
When the Sega Genesis launched in 1989 it was off to a rough start. While the Genesis may have been the first true 16-bit console, its direct competitor, the 8-bit  ...
The SEGA Dreamcast - Profile of the First Online Gaming Console
After the SEGA Saturn failed to match the competition of the PlayStation One, the once-juggernaut of console systems reputation and relationships with third ...
Corey Haim Stars in Double Switch for the SEGA-CD
To try and take advantage of SEGA's first disc based system, the SEGA-CD, game developer Digital Pictures used the extra power to release several games ...
PSP History - Sony's PlayStation Portable and Sega's Game Gear ...
Sony's PlayStation Portable and Sega's Game Gear: The PSP and the History of Handheld Video Gaming Part 7 - Sega's Game Gear featured, among other ...
Classic Console Games on the Wii Virtual Console Part 1 - A through F
This is a database of all the classic SEGA Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx- CD, Neo-Geo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and the ...
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