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iPad RPGs: Role-Playing Games You Can Play on Your iPad
Are you looking to add a little role-playing into your iPad gaming? ... among the best RPGs on the iPad are massively multiplayer online role-playing games like ...
Xbox 360 Best RPGs (Roleplaying Games) - Xbox Games - About.com
The Xbox 360 has a solid mix of Western and Japanese-style RPGs (though it is definitely lighter on the JRPGs than the Wii or PS3) that will keep most fans ...
The 24 Best RPGs for the iPad - About iPad
Role-playing games and the iPad tend to go hand-in-hand. While some game genres, like first-person shooters, can come off awkward on a touch device if not  ...
The 7 Best Role-Playing Games (RPGs) on the Nintendo DS
There are a lot of role-playing games (RPGs) available on the Nintendo DS. RPGs are fun, but they can be time consuming. You'll want to save your best efforts ...
RPG Definition - What is a Role-Playing Game? - Nintendo DS
Inspired, Japanese developers worked on role-playing games that utilized simpler game mechanics, but featured more impressive graphics and sound. Japan's ...
Roleplaying and Massively Multiplayer Games 101 - Internet Games
Graphical roleplaying games (RPGs), which owe a lot to pen-and-paper games like Dungeons & Dragons, have seen explosive growth over the last few years.
Top Ten Role-Playing Games for PSP
There are quite a few RPGs (or role-playing games, for the non-gamer) for the PSP, but a lot them are either not very good, or just all right. Here are ten RPGs ...
Roleplaying and Romance - Internet Games - About.com
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to take a quick look at sex and romance inside massively multiplayer online games, ...
PSP Glossary - Definition of Role Playing Game - About.com
The emphasis in role playing games is on increasing the abilities of the characters (stats such as strength, magical power, sword skill and the like) and collecting ...
iPad Game Guide: Fun Games for Your Tablet - About iPad
Fun Role-Playing Games. Who do you want to be today? Or, more importantly, what do you want to be today? Whether you are looking to crush your enemies ...
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