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PLAYSTATION 4 (PS4) Game List, Details and Specifications
PLAYSTATION 4 (PS4) Specs Include 500 GB Hard Drive, Next-Gen Games, ... Management) after rumors surfaced that the PS4 wouldn't play used games (and  ...
Five Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 4 Instead of an Xbox One
(Check out the full list of PS4 specs here.) With that issue out of the way, neither system being backwards compatible, both systems having Blu-ray functionality, ...
What We Know About the PlayStation 4 - PlayStation Games
Keep in mind, all specs at this point are going to be remarkably speculative since there is no saying for sure that what a developer uses to make your PS4 game ...
Sony Announces PlayStation 4, Reveals New Games
We'll be back with a list of specific specs, games, etc. in a more detailed fashion and the ... We'll get to that but it's one of the main new developments in the PS4.
80GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) Specs and Details
The 80GB and 60 GB PS3 specs look largely the same, sans an Emotion Engine chip ... PlayStation Game Reviews · PlayStation Game Screenshots: PS3, PS4 ...
Which PS4 Games Are Worth the Upgrade? - PlayStation Games
While you're actually downloading the PS4 version to your hard drive, you have ... Here Are the Hardware Specs for PS3 · 5 Reasons the PlayStation 3 Is Better ...
The Wii U Versus the Shadow Warriors - The Case Against the PS4 ...
These enemies, the PS4 and Xbox One, have all the wondrous attributes of ... Than Wii or Xbox 360 · Wii U Specs · The Future of the Wii U - Best Case Scenario, ...
Rayman Legends PS4 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
And so reviewing the newly-upgraded PS4 version of what I now consider one .... Here Are the Hardware Specs for PS3 · 5 Reasons the PlayStation 3 Is Better ...
The LEGO Movie Videogame PS4 Review - PlayStation Games
As for graphics, the world of LEGO games make ample use of the PS4 processor ... Here Are the Hardware Specs for PS3 · 5 Reasons the PlayStation 3 Is Better ...
CounterSpy PS4 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
While we've been lamenting the flow of worthwhile on-disc games this year for the PS4, Sony has been quietly releasing an impressive variety of downloadable  ...
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