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Which PS4 Games Are Worth the Upgrade? - PlayStation Games
This is an article focusing on the three PS3 games that can now be upgraded to PS4 versions for only $10. Are they worth the fee?
PS4 Essentials: The First Ten Games You Should Buy For Your PS4
You just got a PS4 and you need to know what to play first. Here's your handy guide to the ten best games currently available for the Sony PlayStation 4.
PLAYSTATION 4 (PS4) Game List, Details and Specifications
With its ability to play used games, lack of always-on online functionality, and an ... PLAYSTATION 4 (PS4) Specs Include 500 GB Hard Drive, Next-Gen Games, ...
Tutorial: How to Play PS4 Games on PS Vita with Remote Play
See, the Vita isn't just good for playing games like Disgaea 3 or Persona 4 Golden. Thanks to Remote Play, you can stream your PS4 game directly to your Sony ...
Sony Announces PlayStation 4, Reveals New Games
We'll be back with a list of specific specs, games, etc. in a more detailed ... Sony promises a future with all PlayStation games playable through the PS4, Vita, ...
Xbox One Less Powerful Than PS4 (But That's Okay) - Xbox Games
Fact: PS4 Is More Powerful Than Xbox One. There is no point in denying it. The PlayStation 4 is a more powerful machine than the Xbox One. It has a better GPU  ...
Nine Underrated PS3 Games You Must Play - PlayStation Games
The PS4 is almost here but there's still time to catch up with great PS3 games that you may have missed. Here's 9 that you probably didn't play but that you really ...
Rayman Legends PS4 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
And so reviewing the newly-upgraded PS4 version of what I now consider one ... Yes, I too am depressed at the fact that the four best games that you could buy ...
What We Know About the PlayStation 4 - PlayStation Games
With the Sony PS4 sure to be announced at E3 and released by the end of the year, speculation is rampant about what it will be able to do, what it won't, how the ...
The Best Video Games of 2013 - PlayStation Games - About.com
There could be a PS3 game on the list next year, but it will almost certainly be dominated by the PS4's first full year of glory. (For the record, six PS4 games made ...
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