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What We Know About the PlayStation 4 - PlayStation Games
Perhaps the most exciting suggestion at Kotaku is that the PS4 controller will house your user account instead of the machine. Imagine being able to take your  ...
Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry PS4 Review - PlayStation Games
“Freedom Cry” takes place fifteen years after “Black Flag,” as you take control of Adewale, the former shipmate of Edward Kenway. Playing a strong, black hero ...
Sony Announces PlayStation 4, Reveals New Games
Next, Sony revealed the DualShock 4, the new controller for the system. Overall ... We'll get to that but it's one of the main new developments in the PS4. There's ...
Nyko PlayStation 4 Charge Base Review | About.com Gadgets
Like the PS3 Charge Base, which I actually quite like, the PS4 version comes with a main body or stand as well as a dongle for connecting with the controller.
PS4 Essentials: The First Ten Games You Should Buy For Your PS4
And the capabilities of the PS4, while arguably unfulfilled as of August 2014, are still there. This is a powerful, remarkable machine with a better controller than ...
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 Review - PlayStation Games
It holds that About.com's #3 game of 2013 being now available for the PS4 while #1 and ... The speaker within your controller now plays the audio when Lara is ...
The Wii U Versus the Shadow Warriors - The Case Against the PS4 ...
These enemies, the PS4 and Xbox One, have all the wondrous attributes of ... And a touchpad controller is not nearly as interesting as a touchscreen controller.
Setting Up PS4 Remote Play on Your Vita | About.com
So you're jamming on your PlayStation 4 and you get outvoted by your family or significant other from using the TV so they could watch SpongeBob ...
Thief PS4 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
In fact, even this week's “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2” had more moments in which I was ready to throw my controller through my television set. “Thief” is a ...
MLB 14 The Show PS4 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
The PS4 version of “MLB 14 The Show” is the best sports game ever made. ... Even the controller feels more intuitively designed, creating the smoothest sports  ...
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