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The NBA CBA, Amnesty Rule and the League's Worst Contracts
The NBA's latest CBA proposal reportedly contains an "amnesty clause" - a one- time opportunity for teams to get out of their worst contracts. Here's a look at ...
Predicting NBA Games With Home-Away Averages - Sports Gambling
A look at another method of predicting NBA games.
NBA - The National Basketball Association - About.com
A guide to the teams, players, owners, personalities and trends in NBA Basketball.
The WNBA, the NBA, and Why We Compare the Two - Basketball
An open letter to WNBA player Olympia Scott, in response to her post about unfair comparisons between the WNBA and NBA.
How NCAA Basketball Stopped NBA Teams from Tanking During ...
In most professional sports, tanking (intentionally losing for a higher draft pick) is frowned upon and deemed against the rules. The NBA is one of the few ...
NBA Playoffs - Basketball - About.com
The NBA's biggest stage - the postseason. NBA playoffs and Finals seedings, matchups, news, predictions, histories and recaps.
NBA Betting System - Sports Gambling - About.com
Here is an NBA betting system that has been around for a while, going under some different names. The system recently popped up on one of the more popular ...
Worst Starts in NBA History - Basketball - About.com
With their 117-101 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on December 2, the Nets fell to 0- 18 on the season and set a new NBA record: worst start in league history.
Basketball - Overview and Resources
This is the basketball site for About.com, the right place whether you're looking for information on the NBA, NCAA hoops or just basketball in general.
Are NBA Basketball Games Fixed? - Gibbs' Research
Tim Donaghy's latest allegations of fixing NBA games has caused many people to wonder if basketball is fixed. According to one research paper the answer is ...
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