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Navy and Marine Decorations - Medal of Honor
Awarded by the President in the name of Congress to members of the naval service who conspicuously distinguish themselves by gallantry and intrepidity at the ...
Medal of Honor - US Military - About.com
The Medal of Honor is awarded by the President, in the name of Congress, to a person who, while a member of the Army, distinguishes himself or herself ...
Air Force Decorations - Medal of Honor - US Military - About.com
Air Force Medals and Ribbons. Medal of Honor. This was established by Congress on July 6, 1960, as the highest of several awards created specifically for the ...
The Medal of Honor - US Military - About.com
Of all the awards that a member of the U.S. armed forces can receive, none is more prestigious than the Medal of Honor. It is the military's highest honor, ...
Medal of Honor - US Military - About.com
March 25th marks the anniversary of the first award of the Medal of Honor. On March 25, 1863, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton presented the first Medals of ...
Medal of Honor - US Military - About.com
Although it has always been awarded for action above and beyond the call of duty, the Medal of Honor has undergone changes in both appearance and function ...
Girls Scout Awards - Clubs - About.com
Learn about some of the special awards in the Girl Scout program: Bronze Award , Silver Award, Gold Award, Medal of Honor, Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award.
Promotion Point - US Military - About.com
Award, Promotion Points, Maximum Number that Can Be Used for Promotion Points, Notes. Medal of Honor, 10. Navy Cross, 5. Distinguished Service Medal or  ...
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Cheats - PS2 - About.com
Cheats, codes and secrets for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on the PlayStation 2 video game console. This is the main Medal of Honor: Rising Sun cheats page ...
Dr. Mary Walker - Only Woman Awarded Medal of Honor
Dr. Mary Walker, the only woman ever awarded the Medal of Honor, was a trailblazer who was also the first female military doctor in the US and the first female ...
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