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Infamous Murders - Crime and Punishment - About.com
Highlights and details of infamous murders and murder trials throughout history.
Arizona Criminals - Infamous Arizonans - Phoenix - About.com
Infamous Arizonans and Criminals. These people gained their claim to fame for being criminals. I some cases the individuals mentioned may not have been ...
Infamous Cases of Defendants Pleading Insanity
The definitions of legal insanity differ from state to state. Here are high-profile cases where defendants turned to legal insanity as their defense.
The Borgias - the Most Infamous Family of Renaissance Italy
The Borgias are the most infamous family of Renaissance Italy, and their history normally hinges around four key individuals: Pope Calixtus III, his nephew Pope  ...
Famous Crimes and Criminals of History - Crime and Punishment
Highlighted below are cases that left a stain in history concocted of pure evil, lust and perversion. These are some of history's most infamous murders.
Criminals & Notorious Women - Women's History - About.com
Women criminals - infamous and famous women suspected or convicted of crime through history. Includes notorious women of history such as Lizzie Bordon, ...
Infamous Marriages - About.com Marriage
Information about the marriages of people who are considered to be notorious and infamous by many.
The Most Infamous Concerts in Alternative Music History
When people list infamous concert experiences, there's a tendency to fall back on Baby Boomer lore. Who hasn't heard about Dylan going electric (the crowd ...
Infamous Inmates at ADX Supermax Federal Prison
The federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado houses the most dangerous criminals, spies and foreign terrorist. Here is the list of the high-profiled inmates ...
Three Infamous Sociopaths - Bundy, Mengele and Hossencofft
Ted Bundy, Josef Mengele and Diazien Hossencofft are all sociopaths who became infamous because of their crimes.
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