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Top 10 First Person Shooters Games for the PC
The list of top first person shooter games for the PC includes a list of some of the ... job of blending role playing and stealth elements into the FPS game play.
5 Open Source First-Person Shooters - About.com
In FPS games, the viewpoint is focused on the barrel of the player's gun ... or sometimes its crosshairs ... or sometimes its blade, as is the case with non- projectile ...
Top Multiplayer FPS Action Games (PC) - Internet Games - About.com
First-person shooters have long been a dominant force in online gaming, especailly on the PC. If you need some fast multiplayer FPS action, these are some of ...
The First Person Shooter PC Games involving European History
Top 12 Best PC Games - First Person Shooter ... Given that Red Orchestra was arguably the best multiplayer FPS with a history theme, the fact version 2 ...
The Best iPad Shooters - PS, Third-Person and More - About iPad
The best iPad shooters includes FPS, third-person and even top-down ... Okay, for your standard iPad shooter, it's still fun and games when someone gets shot ...
Xbox 360 Shooter Games (Top Picks List) - Xbox Games - About.com
It isn't exactly a family friendly genre, however, as most of the games are rated ... you get Half-Life 2, the Episode One and Two expansions, puzzle/FPS Portal, ...
Star Wars First Person Shooters PC Games List - About.com
Over the years Star Wars first person shooters have been very popular with PC gamers. Packed with rich story-lines that span both the Star Wars films and books  ...
Top 20 World War 2 First Person Shooters - PC Games - About.com
The Top World War 2 First Person Shooters list details some great video games for the PC that offer action and realism to World War 2, the greatest conflict of the  ...
Profile: N.O.V.A. 2 - iPad FPS Games - About iPad
N.O.V.A. 2 is Gameloft's sequel to one of the best shooters on the iPad. With the same winning formula, new weapons and a host of multiplayer options, N.O.V.A.  ...
Wii Action Games: Seven Action Games for the Wii - Wii Games
Saying World at War is the best first person shooter for the Wii would be damning it with faint praise; there are only a handful of Wii FPS games. This one would ...
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