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PlayStation Games April 2009 Archive


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Control SingStar With Your Voice and Win Prizes!

Wednesday April 29, 2009
OK, let's be fair, PlayStation trophies are prizes, of a sort. Thanks to the new patch, players will be able to control SingStar by scrolling through the song carousel and selecting ... Read More

This Week's PS2 and PS3 New Releases: April 27-May 1, 2008

Monday April 27, 2009
It's a one trick pony this week, or, err, a one trick Wolver..., nah. I can't even bring myself to attempt that bad of a joke. Sorry, we'll blame my ... Read More

GameFly Threatens US Postal With Legal Action

Friday April 24, 2009
Hmmm, perhaps the Post Office just doesn't like videogames. While the US Post Office did help bust some game grubbing employees who were stealing GameFly games while in transit, the company ... Read More

The Making of PlayStation, a Brief History

Friday April 24, 2009
From the evolution of the PlayStation logo to how a failed relationship with Nintendo prompted Sony to blaze a path into the world of console gaming, the history of how ... Read More

EA Announces Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu as Madden NFL 10 Cover Athletes

Friday April 24, 2009
Yes, two athletes is a surprise. But even more shocking? I was at EA Tiburon (the folks who make madden) today, wandering the fabled 5th floor where they make Madden. ... Read More

This Week's PS2 and PS3 New Releases: April 20-24, 2008

Friday April 24, 2009
PlayStation 3 New Releases: 4/21/09 - Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - Compare Prices Yup, it's the week you've been waiting for, a sequel to the most bizarre videogame ... Read More

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Screenshot Gallery

Friday April 17, 2009
Ghostbusters may have had a rocky past. But with a new publisher, the game has a new life, and it's looking pretty spiffy. These Ghostbusters: The Video Games screenshots show ... Read More

Batman: Arkham Asylum Screenshot Gallery

Wednesday April 15, 2009
Batman: Arkham Asylum pits the Dark Knight against his familiar nemesis, the Joker, only this time it's on the insane clown's turf. Batman: Arkham Asylum moves the game away from ... Read More

This Week's PS2 and PS3 New Releases: April 13-17, 2008

Monday April 13, 2009
How insulting must it be to Metallica that their competition this week is a couple of candy mascots. Your choice this week? Hardcore rock or hard-shelled candy... tough call. PlayStation 3 ... Read More

Sony Puts Together Fund to Encourage Developers to Create PlayStation Network Games

Wednesday April 8, 2009
The PS3 has been the home to some excellent independent games, perhaps more so than either of the other next generation consoles. From the Pixel Junk games to The Last ... Read More

Adult Film Star Tera Patrick to Be Available as Downloadable Content for Saints Row 2

Tuesday April 7, 2009
The new Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed downloadable content (DLC) pack will feature three new missions, multiplayer maps, vehicles, and Tera Patrick, best known for her work in adult films. Developer ... Read More

This Week's PS2 and PS3 New Releases: April 6-10, 2008

Monday April 6, 2009
The Godfather was a brilliant game (and movie) I cannot tell you how excited I am to play the sequel. PlayStation 3 New Releases: 4/7 - Hannah Montana: The Movie ... Read More

Resident Evil 5 Review

Sunday April 5, 2009
Great graphics, great co-op, great franchise... what isn't there to love about Resident Evil 5? Well, there were a few things actually. Aside from the great big 5 gig install on ... Read More

Sony's Big News? The $99 PS2

Wednesday April 1, 2009
Everyone I've spoken to is more than disappointed. A sub $1oo PS2? Who cares? It's a nine year old system! Who the hades would buy a PS2 these days anyway? Or ... Read More

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